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Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint 16oz.


All in one mineral silk paint by Dixie Belle 

> Apply with a dry brush

> Built in top coat, primer, and stain blocker

> Cooler temperatures or high humidity may prolong drying time

> Stays looking new longer and requires fewer coats

> Full coverage and strongwomen coating

> Low reflective finish

> Excellent durability

> Washable for an easy-clean finish

> Water , mildew, and grease resistant

> Dries 1 hour to the touch, 2 hours to redcoat

> 30 days to cure

> viscosity might vary depending on pigments

> Silk can be used in a sprayer

> Store between 50-90 F (10-32 C}

Weight 1.5 lbs

Anchor, Baja Gray, Bay Breeze, Black Sands, Cactus, Cape Current, Conch, Deep Sea, Desert Rose, Endless Shore, Fiery Sky, Hampton Olive, Harbor, Midnight Green, Mirage, Mojave, Morning Sunshine, Nautical, Oasis, Oyster, Pricky Pear, Quiet Cove, Sand Castle, Salt Water, Serenity, Sun Kissed, Tide Pool, Umber, Wharf, Whitecap, Black Sands 32oz., Baja Gray 32oz., Hampton Olive 32oz., Salt Water 32oz., Serenity 32oz., Whitecap 32oz., Anchor 4oz., Baja Gray 4oz., Bay Breeze 4oz., Black Sands 4oz., Cactus 4oz., Cape Current 4oz., Conch 4oz., Deep Sea 4oz., Desert Rose 4oz., Endless Shores 4oz., Fiery Sky 4oz., Hampton Olive 4oz., Harbor 4oz., Midnight Green 4oz., Mirage 4oz., Mojave 4oz., Morning Sunshine 4oz., Nautical 4oz., Oasis 4oz., Oyster 4oz., Pricky Pink 4oz., Quiet Cove 4oz., Sand Castle 4oz., Salt Water 4oz., Serenity 4oz., Sun Kissed 4oz., Tide Pool 4oz., Umber 4oz., Wharf 4oz., Whitecap 4oz., Arcadia 4oz., Badlands 4oz., Yellowstone 4oz., Everglades 4oz., Glaciers 4oz., Sequoia 4oz., Smoky Mountains 4oz., Arcadia, Badlands, Yellowstone, Everglades, Glaciers, Sequoia, Smoky Mountains, Anchor 32oz.


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